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Are you ready to feel the freedom of the open road? Apply for a motorcycle loan or lease with Fuel Capital Group. We make it easy to get the bike you love at affordable rates. No paperwork means it’s all 100% online with approvals in 48 hours. Fuel Capital Group is the preferred choice for bikes in California who love to ride. Whether you live in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, or Sacramento we can help you get approved and help you find a dealer

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Are You a Dealer?

Are you a dealer in California looking to partner with preferred motorcycle financing and leasing programs. Look no further. Fuel Capital Group offers you programs that not only make it easy for your customers to get approved but make it easy for you, too. Our programs provide the possibility to sell more bikes, move more inventory, exceed the bottomline, and create loyal, life-long customers. Learn more about our programs, what it means to be a dealer partner with Fuel Capital Group, and apply today!