Apply and Ride In Fresno

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Reasons to Ride With Us

  • All credit tiers

  • Fast funding

  • Immediate approval

  • 100% paperless process

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Get Out On the Open Road Today

When it’s time to get your first bike or the bike of your dreams, nothing is better than an easy process. For that reason, Fuel Capital Group offers fast and easy motorcycle financing and leasing that are made to help bikers in Fresno get the bike they want. Our financing options can be acquired in 48 hours and for all credit tiers. What’s more, it can all be completed online. No more cumbersome paperwork or time spent on hold. Get your application in, and get your bike as soon as possible. Learn more today, and apply with Fuel Capital Group!

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Are You a Dealer?

Fuel Capital Group is a motorcycle finance company that has the bike dealership in mind as much as the rider. We offer financing and leasing options in the Fresno area that can help you get more customers, sell more bikes, and ultimately, move more inventory. What’s more, we offer financing options that aren’t reliant on cumbersome paperwork: everything can be done online, which means funding for all credit tiers within 48 hours. Learn more, and partner with the leader in motorcycle financing to create the life-long, loyal customers you deserve.