7 Things You May Wish You Knew Before Buying a Motorcycle

7 Things You May Wish You Knew Before Buying a Motorcycle

Buying a motorcycle for most, if not all people, isn’t just about buying another mode of transportation. It is about embracing a hobby and even a part of yourself that you’ve always known was there. Buying a motorcycle may even be about the divorce finally going through, celebrating the new job, or even just because. No matter the reason for buying a motorcycle for the first time, here are some things you should know.

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You Can Buy It Sooner Than You Think

Depending on the bike you’re thinking about getting, there may be a substantial price tag attached which may have stopped you in your tracks before you even started really shopping for your new bike. Perhaps it isn’t necessarily the price tag, but it's your credit score. Whichever or whatever it is, it may be easier to ride that motorcycle off the lot sooner than you think. Though there are many companies that offer motorcycle financing and leasing programs, only one does it like Fuel Capital Group. We offer options for all credit tiers that make buying a motorcycle easy for anyone. Learn more on our website.

Do Your Research

Now that you know that you can get a motorcycle now — or at least sooner than you thought — it’s time to seriously think about your next steps. If you are new to the motorcycle world, it may be easy to choose your bike based on what you’ve seen in movies or TV shows, or simply what you’ve seen on the road. But before you jump on that Harley or you buy the matching jacket for the crotch rocket, do your research. Get acquainted with the best beginner bikes and brands. Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle isn’t just like riding a bike and there will be a learning curve. A beginner bike will make it easier for you to learn how to ride well — and will make riding more enjoyable

Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

A motorcycle safety course may seem like a real “thrill-killer,” and may feel less than badass, but it is absolutely essential. Riding a motorcycle, like any vehicle, comes with a certain amount of danger and knowing how to handle certain conditions safely doesn't come naturally for most people. A safety course will help you learn good habits when it comes to riding and will make sure that you know how to handle all types of road and weather conditions. If “taking a class” sounds boring, thankfully, most classes take place on your motorcycle.

Invest In the Gear

Helmets are not optional. For some, wearing a helmet may seem less ideal, but to put it bluntly death is extremely “less ideal.” Wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of dying by up to 37% — which might not seem like much but the difference between being alive and dead is quite a lot. A helmet isn’t the only gear that you’ll need. A jacket, boots, gloves, and pants, as well as gear for specific weather conditions are great investments to not only protect yourself but you’ll look great riding, too.

Get Your Hands Dirty

There is nothing better than being able to do regular maintenance on your bike yourself. With videos, blogs, and forums, there is plenty of help online to help you learn the basics for keeping your bike in tip top shape. If you want to learn from those who have been riding longer than you, get to know other bikers in your area through local dealers and shops as well as through meetups. Finding people with similar interests has never been easier in the digital age.

Buy Motorcycle Insurance

Insurance for your new bike is an absolute must and some states require it by law, so take this into consideration as you buy your new bike. Insurance can not only help pay for personal injuries or property damage but can also help to cover your medical bills, theft, damage, and more. The most common insurance will have bodily injury liability and property damage liability. If you already have an insurance provider for your car or home, talk to them about a discounted rate for your new insurance plan when you bundle with them.

Make Sure Your Bike Fits You

Unlike cars, bikes don’t have adjustable features; you can’t adjust the seat or handlebars. You need to get on the bike and see how it feels before you buy it. As part of the research process, learn about the different types of motorcycles as well as the best beginner bikes. Standard or what is called “naked motorcycles” and sometimes the best for new riders as they will keep you upright without you needing to lean and reach forward. Brands like Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Triumph, and Honda offer some of the best beginner bikes.

If you’re ready to learn more about buying your first bike, visit the Fuel Capital Group website! There you can learn more about our motorcycle loan and leasing programs and apply. In addition to our programs being available for all credit tiers, our motorcycle financing company offers immediate approval, fast 48-hour funding, an easy, and a completely online process. Apply and ride today!

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