There Are More Than a Few Reasons to Lease a Motorcycle

Today on the Fuel Capital Group blog, we are going to be talking about how you can get out on the road again for the first time through motorcycle leasing. Stick around to learn more about leasing or visit our website!


There are many ways to hit the open road whether it be the quiet rumble of a convertible, a sleek road bike, or even the comradery of friends piled into a suped-up 12 passenger van. However, there is nothing like the freedom of cruising down a long or short stretch of asphalt on a motorcycle: the wind rippling through your clothes, the sun warming your skin, and the joy of riding on one of the finest pieces of machinery known to man.

Nearly everyone can fall in love with the thought of the rebel without a cause or the call of adventure that awaits just around the corner ahead. And even though many of us love where we live, in the words of long-time sage Willie Nelson, “we can’t wait to get on the road again.”

Today on the Fuel Capital Group blog, we are going to be talking about how you can get out on the road again for the first time through motorcycle leasing. Stick around to learn more about leasing or visit our website!

Benefits of Motorcycle Leasing

The allure of owning your own bike can be considerable: you get to call the motorcycle in your garage, “yours.” However, leasing a motorcycle can be a favorable alternative or even a better option depending on your experience and what you want to get out of your bike. Those who are new to motorcycles or even those who are experienced and want to enjoy a lot of different types of bikes may both find leasing a better option for them than fully committing to buying one.

For the Newbie

A newbie can try riding a motorcycle and see if they like it: a lot of people can look the part of Jax Teller but can they ride like him? Someone new to the open road can also get a taste for the kind of bike they like before committing to one — or never commit and enjoy the freedom of leasing.

For the Experienced

For those who have been riding for a long time, leasing can allow you to enjoy a new bike more often, and/or ride a more expensive bike than if you were to buy one. You can also avoid paying for more costly repairs on your bike as it ages — and you as you age.

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Enjoy Low Monthly Payments

Instead of paying on a loan, when you lease your bike you can often enjoy lower monthly payments. This can not only help you save money, but can also make a bike more feasible for your lifestyle.

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Ride a Nice Bike For Less

With leasing, you can ride a badass bike without having to pay as much for it as if you were to finance. What’s more, if you decide that you love your bike, once the lease is over you can opt to buy it. However, in the meantime, you don’t have to wait for that pay raise or until you’ve saved a small fortune. Enjoy riding a badass bike now.

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Upgrade Often

Today’s top brands are alway coming out with a new covetable bike that we all want to try out and maybe have one sitting in our garage. Instead of riding the same bike for a long time, enjoy upgrading whenever suits your fancy.

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Haggle the Price When the Lease Is Up

When your lease is up (or with Fuel Capital Group, whenever you decide to) you can either choose a different bike or buy your own. You might even be able to haggle the price.

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Enjoy Less Commitment

If you’re not ready to commit or you simply don’t want to commit, you don’t have to. With leasing — and especially Fuel Capital’s leasing program — you can enjoy trading or buying your bike whenever you want. So you can try out a lot of bikes before you find one that you want to own or you don’t ever have to fully commit to just one bike.


Should I Lease Or Buy?

Though leasing has a lot of benefits — especially the motorcycle leasing program through Fuel Capital — we understand you might still be weighing your options between owning and leasing. There are a lot of benefits to both, but in our slightly biased opinion, leasing provides many more possibilities and can be less money spent in the long run.

As we mentioned above, leasing can be a better option for both the beginner and the experienced biker depending on what you are looking to get out of your bike. We suggest buying your own if you know exactly what you want and you desire to customize your bike. Leasing may not provide as many options for customizations.

Our Leasing Program Vs. Their Leasing Program

Though both leasing and buying have their advantages, Fuel Capital Group has eliminated many of the cons to leasing. Unlike some motorcycle leasing companies, we don’t impose mileage fees — why take the fun out of the open road? We also offer high approval rates, low monthly payments, as well as short terms, and the flexibility to trade or buy your bike whenever you want. Fuel Capital Group’s leasing program was designed by bikers for bikers. We wanted to provide anyone with the means to get out on the open road and fall in love with riding.

To learn about the possibilities for getting out on a bike you love, visit the Fuel Capital Group website. There you can learn more about our program, the brands we work with, and apply for motorcycle leasing today!

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