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Fuel Capital Group takes the hassle out of motorcycle financing and offers your customers the options that they are looking for:

  • All credit tiers for more customers
  • 100% paperless process and funding
  • Fast 48-hour funding
  • Immediate approval

Financing Options Available to Your Customers With Us

We at Fuel Capital Group provide a variety of financing options because we want you to have more customers and get more bikes out of your showroom and on the road than ever before.

  • Loan
  • Prime
  • Near Prime
  • Sub Prime

Short terms. Low Down Payments.


Why Choose Us?

With more financing options for all credit tiers, you can clear more inventory and introduce more people to the love of the open road. What’s more, we make the financing process as painless and hassle-free as possible through paperless processing, fast funding, and immediate approval. Learn more why so many dealers are choosing Fuel Capital Group. Get started today!

Fuel Capital Group: Top Rated Motorcycle Financing

There are a lot of reasons why you chose to be a motorcycle dealer: business opportunity, family business, and access to the newest bikes on the market. However, at the heart of every dealership is the love of the open road and a desire to help others experience the same rush you feel whenever you hear the rumble of the engine and watch miles of road disappear behind you.

If this is at the heart of what you do, then you will love working with Fuel Capital Group.

We Are Committed to Our Dealer Partners

Fuel Capital Group is committed to creating solutions for our dealer partners, and we strive to be the preferred dealer partner for all powersports finance. When we create our motorcycle financing programs, we listen to the needs of dealers and their customers. This helps us create solutions that make selling bikes and getting more clients out on the open road easy — because at the end of the day it’s about the love of the open road.

When You Work With Us

What does it mean to be the preferred motorcycle financing partner? It means that when you work with us, you have the possibility to sell more bikes, gain more customers, and spend more time on your business — and less on paper-based administrative tasks. How do we do this?


Sell More

Because we offer full-spectrum credit tiers, you can accommodate more customers. What’s more, we offer options with 36-72 month terms. With the greater potential for your customers to get approved, you can enjoy more sales and overall greater revenue.


Gain More Customers

It is only obvious that with easy ways for customers to get approved, you will sell more and, of course, get more customers. However, you won’t just gain one-time sales. With an easy motorcycle financing program, you are likely to gain life-long and loyal customers — who will recommend your dealership to all of their friends.


Spend More Time On Business

Our 100% paperless financing process means less menial, administrative tasks. What this means is that you and your sales associates can spend more time on tasks that promote sales rather than completing paperwork. You can also enjoy the satisfaction that you saved a few trees.

One Stop-Shop for Power Sports Financing Needs


Low Down Payments

As a result of our full-spectrum financing options, we can offer low down payments, which means greater enticement for customers to commit to buying, and more possible customers, period. What this means for our dealer partners is greater sales, a possibility for more life-long customers, and more inventory movement.


100% Paperless

Going paperless for our motorcycle financing program won’t just save a few trees: it will eliminate some of the compilation and possibility for error during the loan acquisition process. It will also get your customers approved faster and save you time and money from unnecessary administrative work.


Fast 48-Hour Funding

We understand that for some customers, timing is everything. By offering fast funding commitments, we can help your customers get the bike of their dreams out on the road fast. Our rapid, convenient funding keeps second thoughts from turning a sale into a lost sale.


We Offer 36-72 Month Terms

We offer flexible funding options for your customers to fit their needs. With the option of 36 and up to 72 month terms, we make working with a full spectrum of credit easy. With more options, enjoy more customers and more sales opportunities.

Preferred Financing Options

Fuel Capital Group has been providing dealers with more options for creating more customers and selling more bikes for a while with our motorcycle finance option. Now, we want to offer you even more ways to increase your customers and profits, and get more bikes on the road!

Why Our Financing Program?

There are a lot of other providers vying for your dollar so why choose us? Put simply, Fuel Capital Group offers you more opportunities for success and growth and provides your customers with an easy way to get the bike they love at a price that they can afford.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Anyone can claim to have the best motorcycle financing program. But we aren’t “anyone.” We are a tried-and-true financial provider, and our clients speak for themselves.



“Love these guys at Fuel! Super easy process. Financing my bike was a perfect fit for me. And I love my Ultra Limited!”



“Very easy going, quick approval, and very great service. No hiccups at all during the whole transaction I would highly recommend fuel capital!!!! Thanks again!!!”



“Fast, easy! No hassle”

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